Room rates are the same for single or double occupancy. No more than two guests are allowed per room,

unless by special request as noted below. Prices quoted are pre-tax. The state and local hotel tax in Abilene is 15%.

*Should more than two guests per room be allowed, it will be with special permission in advance of the stay. An additional $25.00 will be charged for each additional person.


Suite #1 — the most luxurious and grand of all our suites. 

* This suite has a small sunroom with a twin bed that can sleep one per special request.

KING — downstairs


Suite #2 — offers a beautiful view of the pool and terrace.

* This suite has a sofa that could possibly sleep one per special request.

QUEEN — downstairs


Suite #3 — this bright, spacious suite boasts windows at each end. 

This suite has a small refrigerator and a microwave. 

KING — upstairs


Suite #4 — offers a view of the bell tower from nearby Church of the Heavenly Rest. 

* This suite has a small alcove with a daybed that can sleep one per special request.

QUEEN — upstairs


Suite #5 — looks down upon the beautiful rose arbor and the sparkling pool.

This suite has a built-in bed and a small sitting area.

QUEEN — upstairs


Suite #6 — the perfect cozy niche to hideout, rest, and renew.

This suite has a small refrigerator and a microwave. 

QUEEN — upstairs


Planning a reunion for family or friends? Looking for the perfect place to host a workshop or retreat?

Consider renting the entire house and grounds

with access to all six suites, the indoor living quarters, and the outdoor public spaces.

Guests: 15 maximum


Enjoy a 20% discount when booking three nights or more and a 25% discount when booking a week or more.

Rates for retreats and workshops may be negotiated depending on

the scope and requirements of the particular event.

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